Thursday, July 28, 2016

Case Situation Train

1. Jean says that there are 4 inside auditors within the forest root area. There are two inside auditors in each of the child domains. Each set of inside auditors has been positioned in a world group inside every area. These teams are named IA_Main, IA_East, and IA_West after their respective locations. Jean wants all of the members of those groups to be able to access the same assets in every area. What's the advisable technique to configure this?

Create a universal group that every one individual global groups can change into a member of. It will permit each internal auditor to have access to resources granted to the common group. Choose a name for the group that represents the whole firm, reminiscent of HumongousJA. MCSA

2. The network administrators from the East domain want to know why the choice to

create a common group is just not out there of their domain. What can you inform them?

Universal groups are only available to domains which have a practical level of Windows 2000 native or later. When utilizing the combined practical degree, you can not create common groups. In an effort to change the practical stage, all of the existing Windows NT 4 backup domain controllers (BDCs) must be removed or upgraded. As soon as the domain functional stage is raised, the 2 Home windows Server 2003 domain controllers will no longer replicate the domain database to Home windows NT 4 BDCs.

3. The network directors from the West domain want to know why everyone

at all times recommends placing world groups into common groups, instead of simply

placing the customers immediately into the common groups. What should yoti tell them?

Common group membership modifications trigger forest-extensive replication. Should you use world teams within the universal groups as a substitute of customers, it is much less probably that there can be membership changes to the universal teams. If as a substitute you determined to position users in universal teams, every time a consumer was added to, or deleted from, a universal group, forest wide replication would happen. In most domains the consumer accounts are modified extra often than the teams themselves. As soon as you are able to improve all of the area controllers within the forest, you'll be able to raise the area functional level to Home windows Server 2003, which might alleviate this concern and concern. MCSA Examination

4.Jean approves a plan to hire assistants for every domain to create and manage consumer

accounts. How can you give the assistants the immediate means to assist in this way

with out making them area administrators?Place the assistants within the Account Operators group of the domains for which they're anticipated to be assistants.

5. Two staff have been employed to again up data, preserve the Windows Server

2003 area controllers, and handle printers for the Main_Site. Which Builtin

teams will give these customers the permissions they require to handle the domain

controllers? How do you have to arrange their accounts and group memberships?

These users will want permissions assigned to the Backup Operators, Account Operators, and Server Operators. You must create a world group specifically for these customers. For example, create the Maintenance_Main international group. Make that group a member of the Backup Opera?tors, Account Operators, and Server Operator area native teams. Then place the user accounts for these new workers in that new international group.

6. Two security specialists have been contracted to create group coverage for the domain. They don't have any need to perform most administrative

tasks. How should you assign their group memberships?

Make them a member of the Group Coverage Creator Owners area group.

Examination Aims in this Chapter:

Plan a user authentication strategy

Delegate permissions of an organizational unit (OU) to a user or safety group

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